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Flight Attendant is a 2-year old project that blends the

Soft Sounds of Summer With the Cold Blues of Winter.

Flight Attendant’s first show in January of 2019, sold out The Basement, Nashville. They were invited back to play The Basement East’s Tomato Arts Festival main stage in the Summer of 2019. Their last 2 singles, “Edge Back,” and “Teeth,” can both be heard spinning on

102.9 The Buzz FM, and digitally they have over 100,000 streams. 

Flight Attendant’s next track, “Man of Chaos” - set to release Summer 2020 - was produced by Charlies Yingling at Moraine Studios in Berryhill, Nashville. “Man of Chaos,” has a pulsating and powerful energy. It is a robust, anthematic track that propels the listener forward into a trance-like state. 

The brooding vocal hook for the “Man of Chaos,” single is shared between Karalyne Winegarner (Lead Vocal, Keys) and Nikki Christie (Viola, Vocal).

Vincent Maniscalco (Guitar, Vocal), and Michael Cottrell (Bass, Vocal) also bring their texture of voices and ideas to the band’s track while Derek Sprague (Drums) holds the pulse together with a rhythm that rides. 


Together, the 5 members have filled multiple Nashville venues and stages with their growing sound and emerging fanships. They have written and performed over 20 original songs and have kept Nashville’s interest with multiple shows at The Basement, The Back Corner, the East Room and more. They also curated a Residency at The VandDyke Bed & Beverage Hotel.


The band has been hard at work creating, recording and performing more and more tracks- and with several more exciting singles underway... [Insert Airline Pun Here] Flight Attendant seems to be preparing for take off.

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The “Man of Chaos,” music video was directed and created by the band’s violist- Nikki Christie. 

It is shot using the iphones and household props of all the quarantined band members. The video brings to life the chaotic, wild and restless energies that the song seems to dance around. It gives viewers a look into the beautiful and insane kaleidoscope of feelings, colors and personalities that make up Flight Attendant.

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