photo by Zachary Gray

Karalyne Winegarner

// Vocals/Keyboard



Derek Sprague

// Drums



Mike Cottrell

// Bass



Vinny Maniscalo

// Guitarist/Vocals



Nikki Christie

// Viola/Vocals



Nashville based, 5-piece pop-rock group, Flight Attendant blends the soft sounds of summer with the cold blues of winter. Their inspirations lay rooted in all ends of the spectrum; from Cage the Elephant, to Lana Del Ray. Their songs give you that familiar grit-your-teeth, rock and roll, but they keep your interest with pulsating rhythms, intricate bass melodies, harmonious textures and a brush-stroke of classical viola. 


Their singer, Karalyne- a Kansas girl who has cut her musical chops as a touring punk drummer, to a jazz pianist -  gives you powerful vocal and synthonic melodies, with playful delivery. Striving to be reminiscent of Gwen Stefani’s sound in her No Doubt days, Karalyne’s voice is rhythmic with dreamy undertones - while at the same time bringing the chaotic stage energy of a tamer Iggy Pop.  


Nikki Christie, the second female member of the group, is an LA bread, French speaking, part-time actress with the velvety voice of a kitten and the fiddling fingers of a classically trained, baroque period violist. Nikki brings more than her voice, viola and looks - she also has a keen artistic style that has helped shape the bands entire image and vibe throughout its formation.


Karalyne and Nikki share the front of the stage with the band’s namesake - Vincent Maniscalco. He is as much of an Italian Stallion as it sounds. With his Fabio hair, grizzled boston accent, and his intricate quilt of textures and sounds he lays down with his guitar and voice - Vinny is a staple of the bands sound and look. 


The band is actually named after Vinny’s mom - who is a United Airlines flight attendant. Flight Attendants are sexy as is - then you add Vinny’s mom in the mix, and oh man… We would have just called the band “Lisa,” but we landed on Flight Attendant instead. 


Then your eyes will take you to the middle of the stage to a tall, young Texan/Alaskan country singer gone bass player -Michael Cottrell.  Mike - a songwriter in his own right - provides an endless supply of song ideas, bass melodies, and chord structures for the band to play off of. His voice and his voicings are a growing cornerstone in the band’s songs and in the bands acoustical image. 


 As your eye wanders across the stage- you are sure to see our 5th member - the backbone of the operation -sitting in his throne: Derek Sprague - also known as “Derek from Weymouth.”  He is the band’s second Boston boy and final member. Derek brings an unwavering, pulse and heartbeat to the sound that is Flight Attendant and has added an essential spice to the mix.


Flight Attendant is roughly 2 years old as a group, and has written and performed just under 20 original tracks. Their 1st show was at the Basement almost a year ago and they sold it out. With every band member having separate projects of their own - their fan base was built in from show one and has only grown since. 


They have since landed their 1st, 2 songs on local FM Radio station, 102.9 the Buzz, have had live, radio appearances, played the Basement East’s Tomato Festival stage to thousands of attendees, live tracked a performance at The Back Corner, and continue to track the better half of an album at Moraine Studio with Producer Charles Yingling over in Berry Hill, Nashville. 


It’s an exciting time for Flight Attendant - so tray tables up and prepare for takeoff...